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aloha rag nyc

Aloha Rag
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1. Factotum Cheetah Print Backpack.
Introduced to America this season by Aloha Rag, Factotum has been a staple brand in it's native Japan for years. This backpack boasts a Wool Cheetah print fabric in a dark blue/purple and all seams are finished in a deep black suede.
2. Wendy Reed Patch Work Shawl Collar Cardigan.
This Cashmere sweater is HAND STITCHED together, and the work that goes in to each piece is immense. Needless to say the finish is amazing and the wool flannel panel keeps the fit trim.
3. Adam Kimmel Blue Suede Dessert Boots.
With a nod to Elvis Presley's Blue Suede appreciation, Adam's Desert Boots are a great update to a classic. The suede is soft and supple and dark enough to hide everyday blemishes to keep the boots beautiful through the seasons.
4. Henrik Vibskov Rune Denim Button Up.
Henrik is a master at making a piece so wearable, yet having an avant garde pattern and twist. It is his simple touches, such as fit and the functional upside down breast pocket on this piece, that make his goods perfect for the fashionista that doesn't want to shout all the time.
5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Shearling Belted Collar Jacket.
To wrap yourself in this jacket is to be the definition of WARM! I can see myself on a dark snowy night in New York not having to run to shelter as fast as I can because this jacket is doing it's thing. That's what I want in a jacket!

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